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Live. Love. Dance.

Dance is my passion. It is a transformative, heart opening practice that is open and accessible for everyone no matter age, background or ability. I invite you to join me in my dance journey.

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JILLINA has been producing results with dancers all over the globe, she will ignite your creativity as your ultimate dance educator.

"I'm here to help your belly dance journey! With 3 decades of dancing and teaching, I will share my knowledge and experience to spark new ideas and contribute to your growth."

The Right Technique

Dance is a language. Learn an infinite vocabulary of dance moves and stylizations.

The Right Practice

Dance is a journey. Whether you have a daily or weekly practice, the right approach will have a transformative effect in the rest of your life.

The Right Performance

Dance is art. Learn how to bring out your best and create an expression that is uniquely you.

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