Jillina's BDE Training Course 

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Warm-Up, Technique & Cross Training

With Jillina, Sabah & Luna

BDE Style Original Choreography

and storyline full of emotions & tips to bring your technique to life

Develop Your Performance

Learn how to personalize and excel your performance skills

This Course offers you not 1, but 3 Professional Dance Coaches plus appearance by other BDE Members with their proven results to help you find your voice and expression through dance!

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Inside the BDE Training Course

1. Daily Bellydance Warm-up and Technique with Jillina

2. Cross Train in Ballet with Sabah

3. Develop BDE & Fusion Styles for the Upper Body with Luna

4. Learn 10 Different Combinations in Jillina's Newest Style of BDE Theatrical Choreography

5. Add Emotion and Purpose Behind Each Combination in the Choreography

6. Learn how to Personalize the Story and Highlight Your Strengths

7. Get the Inside Scoop of How To Approach a Dance Audition

8. Bonus! Exercises to help with injury Prevention

Two Options to purchase