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Jillina's Dance Development Program will transform your dancing, whether you are a hobbiest or a professional.

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"Jillina gives you 150% of her knowledge and gives you functional advice that is going to help you."

Giselle Alfaro

Daily Practice

Jillina shares with you the habits she incorporates in her daily dance practice that deepen technique, focus the mind, and prevent injury.

Challenging Choreography

Jillina teaches her latest masterpiece by chunking and drilling - ensuring that all dancers can access this choreography.

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Complete the course over a few days or a few months and feel free to return for refreshers with lifetime access.

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Inside Jillina's
Dance Development Program


Learn Jillina's choreographed warm-up. Gain a deep understanding of how to properly prepare the body for dance to enhance technique, prevent injury and focus the mind.

Deep Dive Dance Technique

Jillina gives detailed instruction on the technique and moments used in the choreography. Learn how to properly execute the movements for juicy, soulful, and clear performance of the choreography. 

Learn 13 combinations within a Challenging Choreography

Jillina teaches this exciting Mejance Choreography by chunking and drilling sections. These 13 combinations can be drilled and applied to your own choreographies as combinations in your pocket. 

Take your performance to the next level

Learn various staging and emotional expression techniques to make this (or any other) choreography your own! Jillina teaches you how to find your voice!

Cool down

End each of your sessions with a rewarding cool down. Led by Jillina, this is an essential part of your practice for longevity and injury prevention.

Bonus: Guided Meditation

Whether it was a long day in the studio or a long day at the office - this guided meditation will have you relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day!

Jillina's Dance Development Program is 30 years of dance experience in 1 course

"I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for Jillina. With Jillina, I found my joy in dance."

Victoria Valree

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